new and more effective methods are to be adopted for waste disposal in Madurai. According to Madurai corporation commissioner Gagandeep Singh Bedi, the corporation has decided to gradually

India will soon have its first-ever power plant using solid waste as fuel in Perungudi town in Tamil Nadu. The Rs 15-crore plant will require 800 tonnes of solid garbage every day to produce power at

A new process to make fertilisers and more from straw

Power for spaceships from astronaut waste? Unbelievable but true. It won't be long before astronauts make a significant contribution towards replenishing depleted power sources on board a

Obsolete computers are posing an environmental problem in developed countries, specially the US. With faster and better machines being available almost every year, the number of old computers and

the municipal corporation of Delhi's satellite city Faridabad embarked on a project that may well be one of the first of its kind in the country. The corporation has privatised collection and

Scientists at the Nimbkar Agri

Environmentally hazardous backyard smelting units swell as multinationals fail to recycle used batteries

Researchers in the US have used a washing powder ingredient to turn waste leather into a high-value

An investment of Rs 300 can bring electricity to every household in rural India. Humble cow dung can do this and more