The draft guidelines on ship recycling, finalised at a meeting of the Marine Environment Protection Committee (mepc) of the International Maritime Organisation (imo), have recognised that the

The Hindustan Aeronautics Limited HAL has recently initiated ecofriendly pilot projects at its Bangalore aircraft division, which will not only minimise waste, but will also help save huge sums of money. The projects include installation of a biogas pla

NIDHI JAMWAL looks at ways to utilise flyash, and so combat a polluting scourge

An official of the state government was explaining, at a meeting, the progress made to set up sewage treatment plants, drains and diversionary sewers in pursuit of a Supreme Court order to clean up

Computer processor made from chicken feathers

A Bangalore slum experiments with ecofriendly toilets

Magnetic scraps are converted into valuable alloys

Adequate locations to set up new garbage dumping sites are not available in Mumbai. The Brihan-Mumbai Municipal Corporation (bmc) has been recently ordered by the Union government to create new

The Union government s move to invest in waste to energy technologies draws flak from many quarters

Waste generated in Guwahati will now be used to produce bio fertiliser and electricity