Waste hydrocarbons mixed with ethanol can be used to run vehicles

Solid wastes could soon be used for laying roads

An American company has put up a proposal to the West Bengal government for setting up a power plant in Calcutta with a capacity to generate upto 200 mw of electricity daily from garbage and

A foodstuff industry fungus finds a new job: cleaning up ash from municipal waste

Organic manure is a source of income for civic bodies in Tamil Nadu.

Continuing the series on organic farming, Down To Earth's reporter found that both the scientific community and farmers are showing interest in using biofertilisers and vermiculture to substitute for chemical fertilisers. Microorganisms like algae are use

The planting of commercially valuable chir trees has become embroiled in controversy in Ultar Pradesh's Almora district. But a local schoolteacher has found a novel use for its discarded bark.

A 10-mw power plant based on rice straw, the first of its kind in the world, will'become operational in Jal Kheri village in Patiala district of Punjab in November this year. The plant will

Manisha Pande / New Delhi September 13, 2010, 0:56 IST

Having grown up in Baithania village of Bihar, Gyanesh Pandey knows how erratic electricity supply can be. Today, the 34-year-old, along with his friend Ratnesh Yadav, has found a way to generate electricity with rice husk.

Pune City anchor: Rudra Environmental Solutions to set up plant in Dhankawadi; will duplicate it in all 14 wards if successful

Up against a mountain of plastic waste in its jurisdiction even after a ban on use of plastic bags below 50 microns in thickness, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is planning a pilot project to convert plastic to fuel.