>> A report released on May 7 by the pressure group, Media Matters for America, says minorities and women get less space in prime-time news programmes in the us. The three-week study said most of

Construction waste recycled to make bricks and pavers

Waste Minimisation

This time it s an Iranian ship

The European Commission (ec) recently decided to take legal action against the uk, which for three years has repeatedly breached a European Union (eu) law that forbids the discharge of raw sewage

spilling on oysters: The Far North District Council of New Zealand said it will spend US $3.6 million to reduce the risk of sewage spills in the environmentally sensitive areas of Paihia, Haruru

A us law to ban waste import from Canada has raised fears of a possible trade war between the countries. A bill to ban Canadian waste imports was approved by Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm last

As Le Clemenceau bobs on the horizon, reactions in India get sharper, noisier. We ve discovered occupational safety. Asbestos is used in popular lingo. The workers at the shipbreaking yards of Alang have suddenly become people. Almost. For the media ha

Temple offerings in Mumbai make for good compost

In India, primarily cattle dung is being used as an organic substrate for the production of biogas, however, majority of biogas digesters are underfed. Thus making it essential to evaluate other available organic sources for biomethanation. Various other animal wastes like poultry droppings, sheep droppings, rabbit droppings etc have been evaluated for biomethanation. Beside this, plant and crop residues have also been subjected to the process of anaerobic digestion under different conditions.