Will solutions of the North work in the South?

Do industry and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) make strange bedfellows? Not anymore, apparently. In what could be a trend-setting partnership, UNEP and the World Business Council for

Industry s role in managing the dwindling freshwater resources of the world was highlighted at the sixth session of the Commission for Sustainable Development at New York. But countries of the South are hesitant about treating a social resource as a

From a wooded upland Jhabua became an example of extreme ecological degradation. The story of its recovery is remarkable

With the coming of the Rajiv Gandhi Mission on Watershed Development, a major change took place in the degraded wasteland that was Jhabua

Soil conservation work came cheap in Jhabua, but a lot remains to be done

Chief minister Digvijay Singh is responsible for making the Rajiv Gandhi mission a success

A new approach by the government resulted in rapid regreening

The importance of groundwater as a source of irrigation and the role of traditional methods in conserving it should be given due credit

march 22 was celebrated as World Water Day, a reminder that the water resources abounding the earth are being stressed out mainly due to the increase in human population. On March 21-22, Morocco