With creating awareness of environment among people, the Delhi Chief Minister, Mrs Sheila Dikshit, today exhorted them to come forward to preserve and conserve environment of the earth planet. She further exhorted them to make rational use of natural resources to ensure better future. She said that her government would introduce water-harvesting scheme in 205 schools in the Capital for which an amount of Rs 40 crore has been earmarked.

The United Nations has announced 2008 as the Year of Sanitation.

Uttar Pradesh's Bundelkhand region has been devastated by drought and other adverse weather conditions over the past four years. Madhaiya Anghela village in Madhogarh sub-division of Jalaun district

IIT Kanpur develops zero-waste toilets that reuse flushed water and recycle waste.
IIT Kanpur develops zero-waste toilets that reuse flushed water and recycle waste

How will vast regions of India, where highly unreliable rainfall makes the difference between famine and sustenance, cope with climate change? Over 85 per cent of the cultivated area in this country

DTE tracks the developments in Sukhomajri which became a model of self-reliant development in the 1980s due to successful management of ecological wealth by HRMS. But the situation has changed now. The forest department has hijacked the forest created by the villagers, while control of water is going into private hands.

Bunga took the sukhomajri story forward The first village to follow Sukhomajri's development model was Bunga, just 30 km away in Haryana's Panchkula district (see timeline: Divergent trajectories).

Government must facilitate, not control The experiences of Sukhomajri and Bunga have a lesson: given the right conditions, external and internal, villages can be self-sustaining. But their inherent

Some innovations change lives. A favourite of mine is the village milk collection system, a cooperative model. There s a dairy in the village, people bring in milk, the dairy in

the Union budget for 2007-08 is big on illusions, small on vision. Despite the hype about its tilt towards the agriculture sector, the budget has failed to put together a package to bail out the