I see two objectives for urban planning in India: one, environmental sustainability and two, public participation in this planning

The South Korean non-governmental organisation Citizen's Coalition for Economic Justice (ccej), recently launched the Green Family campaign. The campaign specifically aims at the reduction of

Local people in the arid Churu district of Rajasthan know how to store sweet rainwater for the scorching, parched summers

FOUR related phenomena threaten to increase the water crisis in the 21st century: a natural upper limit to the availability of fresh water; increasing population; pollution; and delay in completing

The growing problems in providing adequate drinking water to urban populations is a consequence of the lack of long-term planning and inefficient management of urban water usage.

Planners in the ancient city of Dholavira had conceptualised an amazing system of drains, dams and tanks to manage water. To conserve every drop of water, they carefully considered everything, from site selection to extra strong city walls and even air du

A couple in Kerala demonstrate that barren land can be brought back to life without using any external inputs.

A CONSORTIUM of organisations and individuals is opposing the construction of a hotel in the catchment area of the Kandalama reservoir in Sri Lanka. The consortium is worried the drawing of

WHILE burning sugarcane leaves makes harvesting the stalks easier, the practice is damaging to the environment. So Cinecana, the Colombian sugarcane industry's research arm, has come up with a way to

MADHAV Chitale, former secretary in the ministry of water resources, is a recipient of The Stockholm Water Award, given by the Stockholm Water Foundation for outstanding work in the area of water management. Currently secretary general of the Internationa