Barawa village, Rajsamand district, Rajasthan

Shapar, Rajkot, Gujarat

Sahdol, Madhya Pradesh

Saipura, Rajasthan

Laporia, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Kedar, Tamil Nadu

P R Mishra used the power of the community to transform the barren landscape of Sukhomajri into a model for forest regeneration

Thanks to a Japanese company, Soft99, you can now "wash' your car without so much as using water. The company has developed a "wet wax' sheet, a multi-layer textile, which stores a thin bed of

The National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS) organised the Third Agricultural Science Congress in collaboration with the Punjab Agricultural University in Ludhiana, Punjab, on March 12. The

A JAPANESE company has introduced a bathing system that helps conserve water. The Full Time Bath enables the same water to be used for upto a month of body-scrubbing. The computer-controlled system,