Question raised in Lok Sabha on Management of Wetlands, 08/12/2015. In a number of cases (Original Application No. 121 of 2013, No. 153 of 2014, No. 02 of 2015, No.

The National Green Tribunal today disposed of a plea for protection of wetlands in the national capital saying it was not appropriate for it to jump into every issue.

Following the Calcutta high court order to the state government to demolish 14 unauthorized constructions in the East Kolkata wetlands and submit a compliance report by October 9, the state officia

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Number of Wetlands, 11/08/2015. 115 wetlands in 24 States and 2 Union Territories have been identified for conservation and management under the scheme of National Plan for Conservation of Aquatic Eco-systems (NPCA). The State-wise list of these wetlands is given in Annexure.

Two Gujarat wetlands — Gosabara in Porbandar and Khijadiya in Jamnagar — have been selected by the ministry of forests and environment for the Conservation and Sustainable Management of Coastal and

Wetlands are “places where water is the primary factor controlling plant and animal life and the wider environment” and provide a variety of important ecosystem functions such as recharging groundwater supplies and trapping floodwaters in addition to facilitating nutrient cycling and the production of rice and fish as staple food for more than h

A latest study by the Centre for Ecological Sciences (CES), Indian Institute of Science (IISc), has shown that 54 per cent of lakes in the City have been encroached upon for construction activities and turned into garbage dump yards.

One of the prime lakes in the City, Sankey Tank, too faces the threat of increasing pollution and encroachment. The government claims that Sankey Tank is a model lake but in reality, it is highly polluted, shows a report published by Centre for Environmental Studies, Indian Institute of Science.

The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) on Sunday said that recent phenomenon of foaming of lake Varthur in east Bengaluru shows that the wetlands in the city as well as urban India are under

Taking note of the recent foaming of lake Varthur in Bengaluru, a green body today warned that such a phenomenon was a "serious" threat to the country's wetlands including those in Delhi-NCR, and c