There is growing evidence that the recent outbreak of the malaria (plasmodium falciparum) epidemic in Calcutta is related to the clogged drainage system of the city. And this is because the state

Delhi was once green, cool and never water

Reduced to filthy, foul smelling cesspools, with mosquito larvae arawing their lazy, intricate patterns on the green surfaces, the same takes and tanks in urban areas draw a passerby's game is when purple hyacinths bloom and disguise their filth. O

The great Pantanal--the world's largest wetlands, located in South America--is running a grave risk, warns the World Wildlife Fund (wwf). It would fall victim to a gradual process of desertification

The man who has hrought the Calcutta wetlands ecosystem to international limelight, DHRURAJYOTI GHOSH is still enchanted by challenges. As chief of the West Bengal government's Environment Improvement Programme EIP , this civil engineer turned doctora


One for the birds: Meeting recently under the auspices of the Convention on Migratory Species (cms), representatives of over 60 nations signed an ambitious inter-governmental agreement -- aimed at

The great new hope of Latin American businessmen is a 2,000 mile-long waterway called the Hidrovia. The project is likely to speed up shipping by straightening and deepening the Paraguay and Parana

THE Environmental Resources Research Centre (ERRC) in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, seeks to promote research and studies in identification of natural resources, and their use by developing required

Environment Resources Research Centre Pumalliyoorkonam Post Box 1230, Peroorkada Thiruvananthpuram 695 005 Kerala Association for Arid Lands Studies Box 41036 Texas Tech University Lubbock,

Kanyakumari stands testimony to the fact that unchecked population growth and faulty land use can lead to water scarcity even in places wallowing in it