Beels are shallow waterbodies with rich macrophytic vegetation. The recent satellite survey undertaken by the Assam Remote Sensing Application Centre, shows that there are as many as 3,536 wetlands

the world wide Fund for Nature (wwf) made a strong plea for the conservation and restoration of wetlands throughout the world on the occasion of the World Wetlands Day on February 1. Despite

The existence of laws and policies in Australia that affect wetland protection and rehabilitation has been ascertained. There is a diverse range of environmental legislation, primarily at the state level, that potentially affects wetlands.

Muthurajawela marshes, north of Colombo in Sri Lanka, are a fine example ofwhat a well-thought-of wetland conservation project should be. Once a tropical wetland used for rice cultivation, they

there seems to be some good news regarding the most imperilled marshlands on earth, the Florida Everglades. The South Florida Water Management District, which undertook studies of

The fast-depleting forests of the Western Ghats will be the subject

A village based approach to wastewater management is ecologically sound and opens up a clear route to economic upliftment of the communities... one of the farmers

THE sixth gathering of the signatories to the Ramsar Convention on the world's wetlands, at Brisbane, Australia recently, has revealed a disturbing picture. California, us, reportedly lost 91

That the Hydrovia waterways project, linking Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay and Argentina, could spell doom for the Pantanal - the largest * wetlands in the world - in Brazil is well

There is growing evidence that the recent outbreak of the malaria (plasmodium falciparum) epidemic in Calcutta is related to the clogged drainage system of the city. And this is because the state