Human-made wetlands do not act as good water filters suggests report that connects a restored coastal marsh in California, USA, with the contamination of a nearby beach. Persistently high levels of

At least 63 ponds and wetlands in the Howrah town of West Bengal have been destroyed, according to a report placed before the Calcutta high court by municipal autho

Indian government classifies wetlands as wastelands despite the fact that they serve as reservoirs of ecological diversity. During times of floods, they act as sponge, which hold water and release

Male crocodiles of the Nile river could face extinction due to an invasive plant. The trifid weed has invaded the shoreline-nesting habitat for the crocodiles at Greater St Lucia Wetland Park, the

Researchers have found that human-made marshes or wetlands do not work as water filters. Studying why Huntington Beach in Southern California, USA, was closed in 1999, a University of California

The multinational oil giant Royal Dutch Shell has decided to shelve its plan to explore oil in the Sunderbans of Bangladesh. Sunderbans are an important habitat for the endangered Royal Bengal

Goa s water security depends on nine rivers considered to be the state s economic veins

Hong Kong's pledge to protect its environment

A public interest litigation (PIL) has been filed in the Supreme Court for the protection of wetlands. M K Balakrishnan, an advocate, has filed the petition, which also includes a provision for paddy

While cranes are regularly hunted in parts of Pakistan, villagers in Rajasthan are doing their best to protect these endangered species