More than 131 x 106 metric tons (MT) of inorganic sediments accumulated in coastal wetlands when Hurricanes Katrina and Rita crossed the Louisiana coast in 2005, plus another 281 x 106 MT when accumulation was prorated for open water area.

a team of Kolkata-based researchers mapping the microbial population of the East Calcutta Wetlands (ecw), has isolated 22 easy-to-culture strains that can help clean up toxic soil and water. The

The present paper reviews recent developments in methodology for valuing the role of wetlands in supporting economic activity. The study brings out several issues related to conservation and management of the Pong Dam wetland. For the protection of aquatic biodiversity of the wetland, integrated management plans are required.

Their ecosystem is under threat but no one seems to care

US wetlands still undefined

The Tanzanian government recently began evicting pastoralists from the Ihefu basin in the country's Mbeya city claiming they were causing environmental degradation. Ihefu, a catchment basin of

This report on Black-necked Crane is the result of intensive studies and surveys in the harsh and unique environment of Ladakh. There are several findings which will be of great interest to ornithologists and particularly people working on cranes. The report takes into account the interest of the general reader and therefore has the first two chapters

The National Environment Policy is intended to be a guide to action: in regulatory reform, programmes and projects for environmental conservation; and review and enactment of legislation, by agencies of the Central, State, and Local Governments. . The policy also seeks to stimulate partnerships of different stakeholders, i.e.

To reduce threat of avian flu, says UNEP report

restoring lost and degraded wetlands could reduce the threat of bird flu pandemics, claims a study commissioned by the United Nations Environment Programme (unep).