Kheechan village on the edge of the Thar desert lies on the migration route of demoiselle cranes travelling from their breeding grounds in Eurasia to bask in India s milder winter. In late September, the first flocks take to the skies from the plateaus, s

On biosafety bandwagon: Paying heed to the growing concern about the efficacy of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), India has finally ratified the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety. The treaty is

The primary goal of the National Wetlands Policy is to conserve and manage wetlands resources wisely and in a sustainable way with local people

Wanton exploitation by Malaysia's indigenous Semelai farmers has driven several species of animals to extinction in the Tasek Bera wetlands. Now, conservationists are helping members of the community

South Africa to drain oil out of beached Italian ship

The rivers and wetlands of South America's Amazon rainforest breathe out as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year as the dry regions of the forests absorb, shows a new research. This

The secretariat of the convention on wetlands has announced that the

the Allahabad High Court recently admitted a petition filed by the Wildlife Trust of India (wti) against a US $286 million World Bank project for draining of Etawah and Mainpuri wetlands in Uttar

Migratory birds stage a comeback after a long hiatus as Kashmir wetlands get a fresh lease of life

Fish curry and rice is designed to teach, to provoke and to stimulate people--young and old--not just to discover the astonishing beautives of Goa's diverse ecosystems, but to delight in its life-style as well.