Nagpur: Though Maharashtra has become the first state to digitize the trial court orders and put it in public domain, a review of judgments delivered in the last six years shows that of the 147 cou

Concerned over the rising cases of wildlife crime, Wildlife Crime Control Bureau, a multi-disciplinary statutory body working under Government of India, has asked all the State Governments and UT a

Come Diwali and it is not just apparel and electronic goods doing brisk business online. It is owls as well.

The National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) in collaboration with Wildlife Crime Control Bureau would be soon launching a Management Information System (MIS) based tiger tracking system.

Dudhwa National park have for the first time adopted the zero tolerance approach for the wildlife crimes in a bid to check Wildlife crime.

Lesser-known wild species like pangolins, monitor lizards, mongoose, spiny-tailed lizards, and mariner turtles are falling prey to poaching and quietly vanishing from the country, wildlife experts

Forest Dept. should build a strong case against poachers, they say

The Assam Government has launched a novel DNA indexing system for the one-horned rhinos in Assam to give a boost to the conservation efforts of the pachyderm, which are falling in numbers in the St

KOLKATA: Illegal trafficking syndicates of wild animals in Dum Dum, Baguiati and Rajarhat areas have resurfaced once again after the traffickers lied low for some time following the arrest of a tra

Jackal cubs for sale: 35,000 a pair. Picture to be updated soon.

Welcome to the world of tech-savvy poachers who are now using social networking sites and mobile applications to trade in wild animals, including threatened and protected species.