The International Conference for Renewable Energies is to be held in Bonn, Germany. But here is a sector dwarfed by fossil fuels, and although governments can proactively root for renewables, and some have, the options given to developing countries are qu

Two decades ago, a 20,234-hectare wind farm came up in Altamont Pass, California, usa. Then birds began to die. 22,000 birds have died since the farm came up, including hundreds of golden eagles,

The installed wind power capacity rose 28 per cent globally in 2002, according to the American Wind Energy Association (awea) and European Wind Energy Association (ewea). Wind energy plants produced

An extension of the pursuit of inner purity to purer forms of energy

hungary has taken a significant step towards promoting renewable energy

Wind energy projects pick up steam in Rajasthan

italy is gearing up to face environmental challenges. "Environmental issues would be incorporated in all aspects

The British energy minister John Battle announced funds for 261 pro- jects aimed at generating 1,177 megawatts of electricity from wind, water and waste. This emerged from the latest round of Non

An electricity generating wind turbine system for installation on roofs of urban homes has been designed by UK energy consultant Derek Taylor (Wind Power Monthly, Vol 11, No 7).

THE FUTURE of the windmill industry in Britain appears bleak now that Taylor Woodrow, the proprietor of the Wind Energy Group (WEG), plans to withdraw. Woodrow, one of the leading players in this