In order to reinforce its pro abortion stand, the new US administration has announced its intention of resuming funding to the UNFPA. The hitch: UNFPA supports China's rigorous population control programme, which has been decried internationally as infrin

Scientists are exploring various approaches to fight the deadliest cancer afflicting US women.

How misfortune befell a woman, once hailed as a conqueror, and a village that tried to protect its forests.

Though women were the primary participants in Chipko, men and children were also involved in the movement at various levels.

The Parvatiya Van Bachao Andolan aims at protecting Kumaon forests from all tree fellers not just those from outside.

IN DAYS long gone, the bearer of bad tidings was usually put to death unceremoniously. In today's more civilised times, we in the Third World prefer to vilify such messengers as biased agents of

A NEW CONDOM for women that gives them greater sexual freedom has been approved for sale in some European countries (Outlook Vol 10, No 2). The condom consists of a loose-fitting, polyurethane sheath

THE WOMEN'S Feature Service (WFS) is a news service that deals not just with equal rights for women, but with "development from a progressive, women's, or gender, perspective." It has transcended the

Women quarry workers in Tamil Nadu's Pudukkottai district have formed cooperatives and are managing the same granite quarries where they once worked as bonded labour.

THIS RESOURCE guide to environmental action by women's groups and communities in the Asian Pacific region offers an excellent introduction to the issues involved, addressing all readers and not just