MUMBAI: On Sunday, TOI reported that Ashok Chavan, as mining minister in 2008, had leased out forest land in the eco-sensitive Yavatmal region for mining to his colleagues.

Swiss Agency for ent and Cooperation (SDC) and Action for Food Production (AFPRO) have tied up for promoting sustainable approaches for improving rural livelihoods through socio-technical interventions.

To commemorate the SDC-AFPRO partnership, Philippe Welti, ambassador of Switzerland to India, released a document

Farmer Subhash Sharma watched the decline of his soil and agricultural yields before he let nature be his teacher and understood the agro-economics of agriculture. He abandoned insecticides and chemical fertilisers and relied instead on the cow, trees, birds and vegetation.

Amruta Byatnal

PUNE: A resident of Yavatmal in Maharashtra is asked to give proof of birth for three generations in his family for him to get access to land under the Scheduled Tribes and other Traditional Forest Dwellers Recognition of Forest Rights Act (FRA) 2006. But for the people in these areas who cannot read or write,

P. Sainath

Sarada Badre and her daughters have stopped their bi-weekly 20-km walking trips. That was their routine for a while.

Sitting in the front yard of his hut, Babarao Turankar, 50, and his neighbours in Mangi village of south Yavatmal are engaged in deep discussion. Finally, one of them says,

P. Sainath

Two years of drought has started to take its toll on the people of Vidarbha, with a failed crop leaving them with no income to tide over the crisis.

Parched land:Across rural Amravati, Akola, Washim and Yavatmal, almost every human being you see in the morning is collecting or searching for water. A scene in Akola.

The spate of farmer suicides in Vidarbha has been callously disregarded. (Editorial)

Yavatmal: The Yavatmal Zilla Parishad has resolved to prepone all its school exams this year due to the prevailing drinking water scarcity in the district.

Yavatmal: The Irrigation Department in the district has reserved over 43 million cubic metres (mcm) of water from its nine water resources to tackle the impending water scarcity here.