Saubhadro Chatterji / Both Bodan (yavatmal, Maharashtra) October 05, 2009, 0:34 IST

The dish TV antennas on asbestos or even thatched roofs bring colour pictures in this village.

Rahi Gaikwad

Pandharkawada (Yavatmal district): Women in Jalka village in Yavatmal district have been going to Kalavati Bandurkar, ever since Rahul Gandhi

One man stands surrounded by the debris of agricultural distress in this country: Sharad Pawar. In his second term as Agriculture Minister, he faces the formidable task of redeeming himself by solving the farm crisis that has claimed so many lives in India

Can solar power match nuclear energy? While solar energy may be nothing but nuclear energy produced by sun rays, the earthen reality is that it's too expensive yet to match coal-based or nuclear power

Nagpur: Greenpeace, an NGO, has set up solar panels at two schools to power 10 fans and two computers at Jalka village in Yavatmal district of Vidarbha, visited last year by Rahul Gandhi to meet Kalavati, the widow of a farmer who had committed suicide.

A family that has little use for cash The morning I went to meet her Anusuyabai Meshram did something she does not usually do

Yavatmal: Whenever Vidarbha

YAVATMAL: From a vantage point on a hill where the gram panchayat office of Datodi village is located, you can get a bird

Who can tire of

Flawed grading prevents Vidarbha cotton farmers from getting the highest-ever support price On December 4, some 200 farmers arrived at the cotton procurement centre in Yavatmal tehsil of Maharashtra, with about 60 tonnes of cotton loaded in carts and tractor trolleys. They demanded the minimum support price (msp) of Rs 3,000 per 100 kg promised by the Centre. This sent the