The Correspondence of Charles Darwin Volume 7 1858 1859
Edited by Frederick Burkhardt and Sydney Smith
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Price: E35 Hardbound
ISBN 0 521 38564 4

The conventional belief is that animals don't live into old age, but succumb much earlier to "unnatural" causes. Recent research, however, indicates there's old age in the wild, too.

The Hindu monkey god Hanuman comes across as a mosaic of different beings

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of the worlds major biologically diverse zones, the Eastern and Western Ghats of India are among the richest, providing natural conservation to many unknown species of plants and animals. They

Absence of laws makes China the new hub of primate research

DOES A hare flee when it spots a fox? Interestingly, no. Instead, it stands upright and signals its presence by flashing its ventral fur. As a brown hare can run much faster, once the fox knows it

SLOW AND steady wins the race, goes the moral of one of the most popular of Aesop's fables in which an arrogant hare loses a race to a persevering tortoise. But, two US brain researchers say if the