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To celebrate World Health Day, BCM School organised various activities on Friday, which highlighted the need and importance of good health and exhorted them to shoulder the responsibility to create

GAYA: Expressing concern over lack of awareness about dental health, Allahabad based dental surgeon Dr Sandip Singh said the lifestyle changes and use of junk food by the younger generation were ca

Sale of junk food including chips, soft drinks and fried foods are banned both within the school campuses as well as in a radius of 200 metres from each school.

Stop sending your children to school with junk food, parents in Oman have been told by head teachers involved in a government healthy eating scheme.Some children sent to school with lunch boxes pac

Pune: The city's medical fraternity has supported the government's proposal to impose higher tax on junk food and sugar-sweetened beverages.

MUMBAI: The government's consideration of a tax on junk foods is expected to boost the current consumption trends towards organic foods and health & wellness products, according to Arvind Medir

TRICHY: Adolescent girls in urban areas of Trichy continue to shun the supplementary nutrition provided by the state government while rural adolescent girls lap it up and stay healthy.

NEW DELHI: The universities across India are being asked to issue instructions against availability and sale of junk food in higher educational institutions.

The high prevalence of obesity and related metabolic diseases calls for greater understanding of the factors that drive excess energy intake. Calorie-dense palatable foods are readily available and often are paired with highly salient environmental cues. These cues can trigger food-seeking and consumption in the absence of hunger. Here we examined the effects of palatable food-paired environmental cues on control of instrumental food-seeking behavior.

AHMEDABAD: As 'World Obesity Day' this year, Wednesday, is dedicated to fighting child obesity, the trend here seems to be alarming.