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Big Debate: Is Maggi being targeted? The debate is being moderated by Neha Panth. It had the following panelists:Sambit Patra (BJP)Amiben Yagnik (Congress)Amit Khurrana (CSE)Rahul Verma (Uday foundation)Sriram Khanna (Consumer Worker) Deepak Sharma.

Nestle India has approached the Uttarakahand High Court against the state government's 3-month ban on Maggi.


Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu have joined the list of states that have banned Maggi noodles. But shouldn’t the debate go beyond Maggi and ask a fundamental question: how safe is the food we eat? We debate.


In India Tulika Verma is on a mission to ban junk food from Delhi’s schools – where over one in six schoolchildren are overweight. Western-style diets and processed food are becoming ever more popular in India’s cities, while traditional, healthy, sustainable foods are being forgotten. India’s on the edge of two possible futures: a future that’s well fed and healthy; or a future of ‘Western-style’ diets and a public health epidemic of obesity.

Note: A series of 6 x 25-min films exploring key questions around global food security