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The National Nutrition Policy formulated by a team headed by Consultant Community Physician and Director Nutrition Coordination Division Ministry of Health Dr. Mrs.

Union minister for women and child development (WCD) Maneka Gandhi is all set to propose to ban junk food from school canteens and substituting it with healthy options.

"There is nothing called junk food. The problem with obesity lies with children who do not exercise enough. What is needed is for them to run and jump, and to do this they need to consume high-calorie food. So, food high in salt, sugar and fat is good for them." This is what was argued vehemently and rudely by representatives of the food industry in the committee, set up under directions from Delhi High Court to frame guidelines for junk food in the country.

Indians are eating out more often now, as many as eight times a month: report

New Delhi: Schools have battled junk food with varying degrees of success.

It’s Been Over 3 Years Since PIL To Regulate Sale In Schools Was Filed

The city is in the grip of a silent childhood epidemic—obesity.Astudy by the Diabetes Foundation of India has shown that 25% of schoolchildren in Delhi are overweight or obese, which is the highest incidence in the country.Yet, attemptsto addressthe problem by banning or regulating the sale of junk food in and around schools have met with stubborn resistance.

Scientific evidence has shown that overconsumption of added sugar has serious health consequences: heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and hypertension have all been linked to high consumption of added sugar.

Finally here is a sure-shot-method of measuring a child’s progress towards obesity.

With doctors warning of a rise in the number of children being brought in with adult lifestyle diseases – including obesity, diabetes and hypertension – a multi-centre, cross-sectional study done on 10,842 children in five cities – Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune and Raipur – has now suggested healthy cut-off values of waist circumference for screening Metabolic Syndrome in Indian children.

There is nothing called junk food. The problem with obesity lies with children who do not exercise enough.

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