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PepsiCo has stepped up work on reducing salt and sugar in the beverages and snacks it sells in India amid growing public concern over high levels of some ingredients in packaged foods available in

Chinese people are getting wealthier, but not necessarily healthier.

After the hue and cry over the presence of high lead content and monosodium glutamate (MSG) in Maggi, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has now directed the State government

Prevention of obesity requires policies that work. In this Series paper, we propose a new way to understand how food policies could be made to work more effectively for obesity prevention. Our approach draws on evidence from a range of disciplines (psychology, economics, and public health nutrition) to develop a theory of change to understand how food policies work. We focus on one of the key determinants of obesity: diet.

M/S Nestle India Ltd. is aware of the currently on-going nation-wide concerns regarding the safety of its food products cited under the above subject.

The snack food potato chips induces food intake in ad libitum fed rats, which is associated with modulation of the brain reward system and other circuits. Here, we show that food intake in satiated rats is triggered by an optimal fat/carbohydrate ratio. Like potato chips, an isocaloric fat/carbohydrate mixture influenced whole brain activity pattern of rats, affecting circuits related e.g. to reward/addiction, but the number of modulated areas and the extent of modulation was lower compared to the snack food itself.

At least, researchers at Virginia Tech seem to think so.

Having some fast food after you work out may not be such a bad idea.

Contamination of food is a "serious" problem in India as use of antibiotics "compromises" food safety while junk food adds to the problem, a green body today said and advocated for a disease survei

BHOPAL: Be watchful before you quench your thirst by drinking packaged drinking water or consuming sweets.