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In the High Court of Delhi in the matter of Uday Foundation for Congenital Defects and Rare Blood Groups Vs Union of India & Others dated 18/02/2015 regarding submission on draft guidelines to ban junk food and carbonated drinks in Delhi schools and discouraging the availability of "fast foods" with unhealthy ingredients within 500 yards of Delhi Schools respectively.

A new study found that American children take in more calories, fat and salt on days that they eat pizza. That’s not necessarily because it’s worse than a burger or a side of fries.

Health officials have welcomed a proposal by the World Health Organisation to regulate advertising promotions of food and drinks rich in sugar, salt and fats that target children so as to protect y

On a regular school day, Uddesh Koottanal, a Class III student, brings to school rice and lentils or a sandwich for his mid-day break meal. On Friday, however, he was in for a special treat.

The Punjab government has banned ‘junk food’ in and around schools.

Aunt Was To Be His Donor When News Of Cadaver Reached Hospital
A 15-year-old, with a history of surviving on junk food, has a liver failure and needs an immediate transplant.

Several government schools continue to allow the sale of junk food on their premises even though the Director General of School Education (DGSE) banned its sale on August 1.

A new report by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has rightly called for a ban on junk food in and around schools.

The research and advocacy organisation Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has called for a ban on junk food in schools and the regulation of advertisements promoting its consumption.

School meals in England will have to include at least one portion of vegetables a day - and no more than two portions of fried food each week.