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Shillong: Meghalaya has tried not once or twice but repeatedly to ban plastic carry bags but the effort has failed miserably. As a result every drain, stream and river are filled with plastic bags and plastic packages which contain a variety of junk food such as potato chips which are laden with trans-fat but which the younger generation is addicted to.

Environmentalists despair about the manner in which drains get choked and rivers are polluted by garbage which comprises mainly plastic bags and packages of different shapes and sizes. When these are clogged over a long period they emit methane gas which scientists say poisons the environment.

The survey of adolescents in Chennai Schools has surprised both doctors at Madras Medical College (MMC) and Chennai Corporation officials.

Findings revealed that almost 90 per cent of the students rarely ate fruit, and 50 per cent do not want to eat vegetables. In fact, during the survey the children were emphatic when they said they did not like vegetables, said Anand Moses, head of the college’s diabetology department, which conducted the survey.

London: The onset of puberty has fallen by more than five years in girls and experts believe junk food is to be blamed for this ‘ticking timebomb’.

It might be a good idea to talk to consumers when a crisis blows up

As the maker of KitKat bars, Hot Pockets microwaveable sandwiches and Haagen-Dazs ice-cream, Nestle SA has long sold products associated with obesity and diabetes. Now, the company is aiming to build a business on foods that might help treat those conditions.

Nestle’s offerings include Boost shakes designed to help diabetics manage blood glucose levels and Peptamen Bariatric Formula, a tube-fed concoction for critically ill obese patients. Nestle aims to convince governments that it’s cheaper to deal with chronic diseases by preventing or treating them with food rather than medications.

Several hundred retired military leaders are raising red flags about childhood obesity in the USA and its impact on finding qualified recruits, calling for junk food to be booted out of schools.

New Delhi: The Centre indicated it will soon ban junk food sale in schools after receiving several reports of incidents of food poisoning in schools due to unhygienic food served to the students.

The Union government on Wednesday informed the Delhi High Court that the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) have assigned a private company to develop guidelines for making availa

The Union Government on Wednesday informed the Delhi High Court that the Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) had given a contract to market research company A C Nielson ORG-MARG Pvt. Ltd. for framing guidelines to make available quality and safe foods at schools across the country.

Counsel for the Government submitted before a Division Bench of the Court comprising Justice A. K. Sikri and Rajiv Sahai Endlaw that before framing the guidelines, the company, among other things, would review the present status of safety and food quality and hygiene conditions in school premises.

The camera pans in. The grins of smiling school children fill the frame. An enthusiastic teacher, played by a famous Bollywood actress, sits in the centre.