As many as 10,000 persons were diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB) by private practitioners in the last one year in Tamil Nadu.

In the wake of the admission of a 25-year-old man, who returned from Guinea in Africa on Saturday, to the Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital here and his discharge on Sunday afternoon after b

The influx of visitors from the north-eastern regions and States such as Odisha, where malaria is endemic, is a cause for concern to public health officials.

Though Tamil Nadu has a long coastline and a good fish catch, maintaining quality of the catch is a serious issue.

A two-day seminar on developing fisheries in water-deficient regions got under way here on Tuesday. It aims to find various ways to enthuse the government into developing policies that address the concerns of fish farmers.

Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital authorities will soon send a request to Chennai Corporation for green toilets on its premises.

Soon after the launch of Amma Canteen at the hospital, the toilets near it were shut down citing maintenance of hygiene.

The survey of adolescents in Chennai Schools has surprised both doctors at Madras Medical College (MMC) and Chennai Corporation officials.

Findings revealed that almost 90 per cent of the students rarely ate fruit, and 50 per cent do not want to eat vegetables. In fact, during the survey the children were emphatic when they said they did not like vegetables, said Anand Moses, head of the college’s diabetology department, which conducted the survey.

For over a week now, residents of Sixth Street, R.V.Nagar, Anna Nagar, have been putting up with stench, flies and sewage on the road. Sewage has been overflowing from manholes. Residents across the city face similar problems.

Residents of R.V. Nagar said some of the houses in the area had also experienced reverse flow of sewage from the underground sewerage network. “Though a complaint was registered with the Metro Water office, the problem is yet to be solved,” said a residen

Three men who spearheaded the movement to start mass vaccinationof children

At the Polio Summit in New Delhi this weekend, Rotarians would be celebrating the country's first polio-free year. They form the backbone of a movement that has resulted in polio immunisation programme becoming a routine in every State.

Everyday kitchen and garden waste can be recycled judiciously with a little effort. It can also pay rich dividends, some experiments in the city show.
The Chennai Corporation has offered assistance to large apartment complexes by offering to collect non-biodegradable waste and excess manure.
In poorer neighbourhoods, the civic body distributed coloured bins but residents do not segregate waste as there is no compulsion to do so, they say.

For the next five months, every Saturday, about 5,000 students from various schools and colleges will be seen measuring trees on the streets of the city. The students are part of an exercise to develop a census of the tree population in Greater Chennai, which extends from Tambaram to Avadi.