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With people tending to change cell phones as frequently as every three to four years, e-waste management has now assumed great importance in the country.

A new research study has called for an overhaul of the way mobile devices are manufactured and contracted, in order to stop the harmful effects on the environment caused by current business models.

The aim of this study was to investigate whether a 15-minute placement of a 3G dialing mobile phone causes direct changes in EEG activity compared to the placement of a sham phone. Furthermore, it was investigated whether placement of the mobile phone on the ear or the heart would result in different outcomes. Thirty-one healthy females participated. All subjects were measured twice: on one of the two days the mobile phone was attached to the ear, the other day to the chest.

India is the fifth biggest producer of e-waste in the world, discarding 1.7 million tonnes (Mt) of electronic and electrical equipment in 2014, a UN report has warned that the volume of global e-wa

Kajiado, Kenya — In a dusty trading centre at the foot of the Entasopia escarpment in Kenya's Kajiado County, John Pambio is deeply engrossed in soldering together a customer's phone at his electro

A latest study by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) said there is no conclusive data or evidence so far to show that radiations from mobile phone or towers have adverse health effects.

The WHO warns that some 1.1 billion teenagers and young adults are at risk of hearing loss due to unsafe use of personal audio devices, including smartphones

Scientists have now turned smartphones into personal, real-time air pollution monitors. The team used smartphone and sensing technology to better pinpoint where and when pollution is at its worst.

A group of youngsters are running an e-waste awareness drive in the city by visiting schools and holding street plays at major hangouts.

The rapid diffusion of mobile technologies around the globe has triggered new opportunities to enhance human development. UNDP and Motorola Solutions have joined forces to support the use of mobile technologies to foster human development and build resilient, sustainable societies.