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The US government is considering a plan to allow wireless firms to share radio frequencies used in weather forecasts.

Analyzing patterns of calls in Pakistan's Punjab region, the researchers forecast suspected dengue cases up to two weeks ahead of time with block-by-block accuracy, the researchers said in a study

SIKILO, Senegal (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Walking through his dry millet field, Alioune Djaby, chief of Sikilo village, waits for a sign that rainfall is coming.

A study has linked cell phone radiation to rare cancers in rats and mice.

Recent study claims that consistent cellphone use may harm its users, most especially men, and it may lead to serious cases like getting cancer.

A new smartphone app developed in St Petersburg in Florida, USA is being used to fight poachers in northern Kenya.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has built an energy friendly chip that can perform powerful artificial intelligence (AI) tasks, enabling future mobile devices to impl

There is increasing evidence that mobile phone health interventions (“mHealth”) can improve health behaviors and outcomes and are critically important in low-resource, low-access settings. However, the majority of mHealth programs in developing countries fail to reach scale. One reason may be the challenge of developing financially sustainable programs.

Parents of teenagers with falling grades at school needn't look further than their child's smartphone.

It's not just using a cellphone while driving that's a menace to society. Charging it in the car has consequences too.