Issuing a notification to ban stubble burning seems to be a paper exercise for the Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB) and Department of Science, Technology and Environment in the state.

Panic triggered by the high prevalence of cancer, hepatitis and other diseases in Mari Mustafa village of the district entered the political realm today.

Even though Rajasthan Chief Minister has written to CM Parkash Singh Badal to check the discharge of industrial waste in Gung and Indira Gandhi Canal, industrial units continue to dump the waste in

A study conducted by Greenpeace India, a voluntary organisation working on environmental issues, has reported an alarming rise in the concentration of harmful nitrates in drinking water in Malwa.

While Punjab claims to have become the first state in north India to have installed reverse osmosis (RO) plants to provide safe drinking water, the poor quality of drinking water is reported to be main reason behind the death of 30 prisoners in Faridkot Central Jail in the last two years.

Though these deaths in the jail, led to protests by the inmates, the jail authorities are still waiting for funds to arrange for the supply of safe drinking water.

At a time when the descendants of the late Harinder Singh, last ruler of the erstwhile state of Faridkot, were engaged in a prolonged legal battle over property, the area lost precious forest cover

The Health Department may claim to have covered 97.78 per cent population of the state in the door-to-door cancer headcount drive, but in Faridkot the discrepancy between the cases reported in the survey and the number of patients under treatment at Guru Gobind Singh Medical College and Hospital (GGSMCH) has raised doubts about the survey’s credibility.

As per the survey, there are 785 cancer patients in Faridkot, which has a population of 6.18 lakh. However, in the oncology department of the GGSMCH, 818 patients from Faridkot district are getting treatment for the disease.

The thick blanket of smog that has enveloped entire southern-western Malwa region of Punjab these days has become a cause for concern.