Notwithstanding the action against illegal units engaged in dyeing, washing or electroplating steel sheets, hundreds of units are reportedly operating.

Health authorities fix Rs 600 for test at private hospitals | Release phone number for registering complaints

With the district already in the ‘dark zone’ in matter of water table and exploitation of water resources, the authorities have set up a team to check illegal digging of tubewells.

Seven deaths, 47 positive cases reported in the state

The important project of widening of the famous Surajkund road here appears to have become a victim of inordinate delay due to sanction hassles.

The groundwater level in the city and the district is on a steady downward curve perhaps due to the city’s heavy dependence on tubewells for harnessing of water sources.

Development comes at a cost. This appears to be true in case national highway 2 that is being widened.

The quality of drinking water in Faridabad has deteriorated, with 96 per cent of samples taken last month having failed the test.

Project was disrupted by incident of fire in November

The solid waste management plan for Faridabad seems to have gone for a toss after the Rs 75-crore solid waste recycling plant started about three years ago has failed to come on track after a fire incident that disrupted its operation in November. Despite passing two deadlines and five months of the unusual break, the future of the plant appears uncertain, as no effort has been made to place the plant back into operation.

Korali block most sensitive; poor hygiene, open drains culprits

Lack of cleanliness around the Yamuna seems to be making certain areas in the city and the district malaria sensitive.
Korali block, which consists of over five villages, is one of them. Nine out of the total 10 positive cases of malaria recorded by the Health Department this season are from this block. The district had reported 1,012 malaria cases last year officially.