In this interview on Radio DTE,  Down to Earth Senior Editor Latha Jishnu speaks on biopiracy and explains how access and benefit sharing rules are affecting the world's genetic resources.

The Lafarge mining case has highlighted the appalling weakness of the environmental clearance procedures at all levels

Monsanto is back in the courts on the issue of royalty or trait fees it charges for its genetically modified Bt cotton

Bt proponents

Latha Jishnu / New Delhi December 18, 2009, 0:59 IST

Minister for Environment and Forests Jairam Ramesh

As agriculture universities transform local varieties into genetically modified Bt brinjal, questions of ownership arise

The top-10 agricultural biotech firms in developed nations control 67% of the global proprietary seed market

Latha Jishnu / New Delhi May 28, 2009, 0:58 IST

A secret report aims to make environmental clearance a standardised exercise that bypasses critical requirements.

It has a prized aroma, an impeccabits pedigree and an awesome global reputation. None of this has helped Basmati to get the special label it deserves. Basmati is to India

The Employment Guarantee Act is a diluted version of the original proposal. Will it be effective?

Amartya Sen calls it cause for jubilation. Giving some of the poorest people in the country a reliable source of income through 100 days of guaranteed employment can be an enormously important instrument for improving their well-being, says the Nobel laureate.