With an Aam Aadmi Party government having taken over in Delhi, resident welfare associations want it to initiate an inquiry into the new magnetic water meters that Delhi Jal Board has been in the p

The government's submission before the Supreme Court on Wednesday that the major source of pollution in the capital was dust particles, and not vehicular emissions was dismissed on Thursday by envi

Vultures, which had practically become extinct in and around Delhi over the past couple of decades, are making a comeback.

Even while bureaucrats prepare reports on Yamuna riverfront development amid raging debate on the suitability of the Sabarmati model, a scientist from Jamia Millia Islamia has come out with a plan

A special team of engineers from Delhi Development Authority will work in consultation with the Dwarka Water Body Committee to revive waterbodies in the area.

With summer looming ahead and a belownormal monsoon expected this year, Delhi Jal Board has renewed its demand for 51 cusec water from Haryana that the state is supposed to supply to Delhi for irri

Harvesting It Is The Only Way To Keep Capital’s Depleting Groundwater Levels In Check

New Delhi: With groundwater levels dipping across Delhi, and really fast in some areas, rainwater harvesting is the one tool the government has to ensure that the city has recourse to some internal source of water. So far, Delhi has been almost entirely dependent on other states for its water supply and there is no likelihood of an increase in this supply in the next few years.

Haryana, UP Industries Release Untreated Waste; City Water Plants Not Fully Equipped

New Delhi: The Delhi Jal Board had to reduce production in two major water treatment plants by half after ammonia levels in raw water spiked on Monday. This is not the first time DJB has been forced to take such a drastic step and will definitely not be the last. Hundreds of polluting industries in Haryana have been for years discharging untreated waste directly into the Yamuna, which then supplies water to Delhi.

New Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party on Monday kept its promise of free water —20 kilolitres per month or an average of about 660 litres a day per family — but it came with a rider and a whammy for bigger wa

A sudden temperature drop and an equally sudden calming of winds on Tuesday exposed Delhi's unhealthy air quality to all its residents.