New Delhi: It is a project that was sought to be initiated about five years ago but when work started on road widening between Andheria More and Mahipalpur recently, it caught residents of Vasant K

New Delhi: With no action being taken on the removal of debris from Yamuna river bed almost a year after it passed its first order, National Green Tribunal has issued a fresh order prohibiting dump

NEW DELHI: After Sarvodaya Enclave carried out a tree survey in 2012, Mirambika School in south Delhi and Gulmohar Park will undertake a similar exercise in February. Meanwhile, citizens' groups will be conducting a workshop for resident welfare associations and schools on Thursday where the forest department will discuss the protocols for carrying out the citywide tree census. A pilot project will also be launched with five RWAs and five schools.

In 2010, Mirambika School had released an extensive book on the trees, creepers and shrubs within its campus. Former principal Kamala Menon said the exercise would take off from that and was being planned as a long term initiative.

Households Not Sorting Waste Before Disposal, Contractors Doing A Poor Job

New Delhi: They were set up across several parts of the city with much fanfare in 2009 but the green and blue dustbins that were meant to facilitate waste segregation are being used like ordinary bins now. Even at the household level, waste segregation is a failed initiative. Of Delhi’s three municipal zones, one has issued a tender for waste collection and segregation as recently as last week. The other two corporations blame the project’s failure on lack of cooperation from residents and underperformance by private concessionaires.

NEW DELHI: Beijing's air pollution made international news over the weekend when fine particulate matter (PM2.5) in the city air rose to an 'out-of-index' level of 755 mg/cu m. Pictures showed Beijing residents wearing masks amid advisories that they should stay indoors. Meanwhile, it was business as usual in Delhi on Monday when despite a clear windy day, the PM2.5 levels ranged from 130 to 565 mg/cu m.

According to World Health Organization, the safe level of PM2.5 is 20 mg/cu m. The Indian standard for this pollutant — that can cause respiratory illnesses and worsen heart ailments — is 60 mg/cu m.

New Delhi: Taking note of the TOI report on excessive pruning of trees in Vasant Kunj, the forest department carried out a survey of the area on Sunday.

In its preliminary investigation is has found that several trees have been cut more than what the forest had issued permission for. The municipal corporation has also auctioned off the wood in violation of standing orders that say wood from pruned or felled trees has to be taken to crematoria. “Based on our findings we will be sending an advisory to the municipal corporation, asking how its horticulture department is so unaware of the proper procedure for pruning and why auctioning of wood is being carried out in violation of rules

New Delhi: The Delhi government has suffered a major setback in its drive against the use of plastic bags in the capital.

New Delhi: Sukhdev Vihar residents have once again reported emissions from the Okhla waste-to-energy plant.

Sludge Has Toxins, Should Have Been Dumped At Safe Place, Say Experts

New Delhi: Despite various guidelines issued by the Delhi high court and Supreme Court for protection of sewage cleaners, incidents of sewer deaths continue to multiply.