Read this latest book by P.K. Aggarwal that presents likely impacts of climate change on different agricultural sectors. It shows the assessment of the magnitude of emissions of GHGs from Indian agriculture and evaluates the potential of various mitigation strategies.

In order to meet increasing demands of food due to rising population and income, food production in India and other south Asian countries need to be increased. Rain-fed agriculture in India, practiced on 94 million hectares (M ha), is considered a major source of production increase in future.

Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change has shown that the earth temperature has increased by 0.74 degree C between 1906 and 2005 due to increase in anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases. It is estimated that crop production loss in India by 2100 AD could be 10-40% despite the beneficial effects of higher CO2 on crop growth. Dynamics of pests and diseases will be significantly altered.