Chennai: Deep fried samosas, oily bajjis and cheesy burgers washed down with sugar-loaded aerated drinks lead not just to a bulging waistline, but can increase risk of food pipe cancer.

COIMBATORE: Intentional man-made forest fires have begun haunting the district after a two year gap. The district has already witnessed three major fires in less than a fortnight.

COIMBATORE: Food safety officers have begun collecting samples from KFC outlets and Pepsico's Kurkure following a high court directive ordering the food safety authority to check for the presence o

COIMBATORE: A group of entrepreneurs from the city has come together to raise funds and increase awareness on the conservation of tigers.

COIMBATORE: From Monday evening, passengers flying into the city from Sharjah and Singapore will be screened for the Ebola virus.

COIMBATORE: The city has reported six cases of dengue in the last 20 days. Doctors say cases of symptomatic dengue have steadily been increasing after the brief spell of rains last week.

CHENNAI: While lab tests across the country throw up details of chemical adulterants in milk, people in Tamil Nadu have no way of knowing what's in their drink.