A-unit allocation proposed to be raised from Rs 70,000 to Rs 2,00,000 in plains

Drought fears will subside if the momentum generated is maintained in August

These suggestions were made by state governments during a daylong meeting with Union Rural Development Minister Nitin Gadkari in June

Centre keeps close watch, prays for rain revival; area under paddy, coarse cereals at 5-year low till now

But pace of poverty eradication quicker in the three years to 2011-12

Poor infrastructure in the way of legal entitlement of foodgrain for poor

More, water levels in the reservoirs of southern India are below the 10-year average at 8.28 billion cubic metres

As doubts mount over the impact of El Niño on the southwest monsoon season in 2014, India's preparedness to face a low rainfall situation seems to have improved in the past four-five years. However, there are many gaps to be plugged.

Even as the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government has put on hold its ambitious unique identification (UID) code-linked cash transfer programme, a study by noted economist Karthik Muralidhar

Michael Greenstone of MIT says almost 6.28 mn population in 281 districts of India is exposed to health risks due to poor adherence to pollution standards

India’s over 121 billion strong population stands to gain almost 3.3 years of their life if all parts of the country adhere to the air quality standards laid down by the government, a new study by well-known Environment Economist Professor Michael Greenstone, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology showed.

The verdict, says Union rural development minister Jairam Ramesh, provides a needed clarity on a contentious area

In an interpretation of a much-debated clause in last year’s landmark overhaul of the national land acquisition law, the Supreme Court recently ordered return of title of a land lot to its original owners, almost 19 years after compensation was awarded for its compulsory acquisition.