Water balance is a useful hydrologic tool. Recent literature has seen some studies on India’s water budget, which show that evapotranspiration estimate for India is much lower than what may be expected given the India’s climate and land use. This note attempts to find an answer to this puzzle and suggests how it can be resolved.

With growing scarcity of water and deteriorating quality, water resources management in India is becoming more challenging with the passage of time. This article discusses the likely impacts in the water sector and the overarching actions that India need to initiate to overcome/manage them.

Preliminary results of the 2011 census released recently by the Government of India show that the current population is higher than the earlier projections. As the requirement of water chiefly depends upon population, earlier estimates have been revised in view of the revised population projections. Initiatives to overcome the impending water scarcity have also been suggested.


Recently, there have been news items and discussions suggesting that the Gangotri glacier is melting at a rapid rate and it is likely that it will disappear in the next 20

Virtual water refers to the water required in the production of a commodity or service. The adjective