The discovery of a generation old plant extract used by Onges in The Andarnans has patent hungry profiteers jostling their way down There The question is, whether the custodians of the secret stand to gain anything at all

Ken Saro Wiwa died because he had dared to assert the Ogonis'claims to their In Nigeria, the giant wheels of progress have been leaving a veritable wasteland behi them in the course of their ingress into the home turf of the Ogonis denuding fores

The hole in the ozone shield is growing faster than ever, warns a recent report

US's Democrats and Republicans break common bread over the fairness, or otherwise, of the Regulatory Reform Bill that could make industry accountable for the phenomenal fouling of America

It's no more going to be science for science's sake in China anymore as the nation plans for megabuck

France obstinately plans to ahead with nuclear testings in the South Pacific just after the NPT conference held by the Big 5

Indo Bangladesh water talks seem to have taken a positive turn while critics still consider the issue a washed out case

A debate on Earth's last virgin territory heats up as multinationals continue to stampede towards the Antarctic

When the Ebola virus broke on April 10 this year, the scientific world went into a tizzy? It's uncontrollable, it's the big daddy of horror movies, and it's incurable. Authors look at the little killer from a safe distance

Environmentalists and Democrats in America gear up to tackle the Republican "onslaught" on landmark protection laws