Mumbai: Avoid the ice next time you want to beat the heat with a glass of fruit juice or a gola from a roadside stall. In a survey conducted last month, civic officials found the presence of E.

Mumbai: With demanding work schedules and volatile environmental changes, it's hardly shocking that lifestyle ailments continue to be Mumbai's most lethal killer.

MUMBAI: A study has shown how Mumbaikars are under the dual threat of obesity and hypertension.

Dengue fever cases have exploded this month in the city, with more than 2,500 people being treated for symptoms of the viral infection in the last three weeks.

MUMBAI: The H1N1 death of a healthy 25-year-old Mumbra woman has raised concerns about the virus's resurgence.

Holi festivities this year has come between the crucial board exams and a raging swine flu outbreak in the city and its peripheral areas.

Docs: Prolonged Exposure Carries Health Risks

While an antibiotics policy is on the anvil for the three major municipal hospitals in Mumbai, the majority of private hospitals, nursing homes and standalone consultants here continue to prescribe

Mumbai: Creators of a successful public service project in Singapore, which equips its citizens with updates on dengue, will soon be designing a prototype for the city.

Through the service, Mumbaikars can receive text and email alerts, if there are cluster of dengue cases near their homes, schools or workplaces.

Koraput district in Odisha was conferred the national award under the schemes District award for effective initiatives in National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) administration in the 9th