Decades ago, in the wake of increasing chemical pesticide-related deaths, researchers sought to reinvent commercially viable alternatives to conventional pesticides. By the 1970s, optimism was high that future pest control schemes would increasingly incorporate novel methods including the use of biocontrol agents.

Lakes and ponds play very important role in the maintenance of many flora and fauna. An ecological study of Shankar Bhagawan Pond, Sarmastpur, Muzaffarpur was done regularly for two years to know the biotic and abiotic features. Different aquatic flora and fauna were recorded and identified with different sources.

Wetlands are distinct group of wild habitats intermediate to aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. It has specialized vegetation due to its special ecological conditions. The geographical survey of Bihar states evidence that it has many such water bodies especially in northern region.

Development of tourism is essential for socio-economic improvement of Jharkhand. As an alternative to conventional mass-tourism, eco-tourism plays one of the key-roles in sustainable development. Sustainable tourism is synonym of eco-tourism.

There are some bacteria in all waters. In general they carry out beneficial processes but some bacteria or other microorganisms may cause disease in humans. New water-related diseases, periodically emerge either because they are newly recognized or because their importance increases.

The present work reports on the habitat characteristics of some weeds of pulses crop field. Reported weeds are more adapted in the Gangetic alluvium soil under certain climatic factors.

The study was planned to find the most suitable and profitable sustainable livestock and crop production system in different agro climatic zones of Bihar. The present study is the part of the National Agricultural Technology Product (NATP) entitled "Livestock Crop Production System Analysis for Sustainable Production System (Mission Mode)".

Water becomes contaminated after use due to mixing of pollutants. The waste water goes into the rivers, lakes and ponds and results in eutrophication of water bodies. The ponds of Saran (Bihar) are rich repository of aquatic flora & fauna. Most of the ponds are becoming polluted due to different human activities and harms human as well as aquatic bodies.

Herbal medicines in most developing countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America have played a central role in health-care since time immemorial. All the stakeholders involved in medicinal plants sector should now consider the issue of sustainability to get the benefits.

The capacities of developing countries to increase food production for its people and alleviate rural poverty is largely threatened by hungry and thirsty lands which shows clear evidence of advanced and continuing degradation seriously affecting its productive resource base.