In at least one Scandinavian city, owning your own car may not be necessary a decade from now, thanks to the forward-looking plans of the government of Helsinki, Finland.

The Solar Energy Corporation of India, along with the government of Karnataka, took a major step towards the off take of the tremendous amount of solar power expected to come online soon in the cou

India’s ambitious solar power program has received another major boost from the World Bank.

Even at current market prices, various different energy storage options make economic sense for renewable energy projects in some locations, according to new research from MIT.

More foreign investors are being attracted to the emerging renewable energy markets in Africa.

A somewhat controversial statement was made 4 years ago by Professor Peter Wadhams, head of the Polar Ocean Physics Group at Cambridge University, that the Arctic Ocean could well be free of sea ic

A test stretch of electric road, the first in the country, was inaugurated in Sandviken, Sweden, on June 22.

Citigroup banker Michael Eckhart recently told media outlets that the global green bonds market could see an exponential growth, taking its value to $1 trillion after 2020.

More specifically, the Berlin parliament voted to blacklist investment into companies that are incompatible with the city’s stated goal of going “climate neutral” by the year 2050.

Solar power generation could grow from 2% of the global total to 13% by 2030, according to a new report from the International Renewable Energy Agency.