New figures published by China’s National Burea of Statistics show that while the country’s total energy consumption increased by 1.4% in 2016, the country’s coal consumption declined by 4.7%.

The all-electric Formula E racing series is about as forward-looking as racing gets, bringing together automakers and EV part suppliers in a unique and fascinating zero-emissions contest of speed.

United States President Donald Trump is likely to withdraw America from the Paris climate agreement, according to former adviser and world-renowned crackpot climate change denier, Myron Ebell.

The world’s largest oil company, Saudi Aramco, is apparently mulling over as much as $5 billion in renewable energy investments as part of plans to diversify from crude oil production, according to

In an example of just how bad air pollution has gotten in parts of China, and why authorities there are incentivizing electric vehicles so aggressively (both personal vehicles and public transit ve

The city government of Las Vegas, Nevada, is now running entirely on renewable electricity, city officials have announced.

At COP22, 48 countries committed to “strive to meet 100% domestic renewable energy production as rapidly as possible while working to end energy poverty, protect water and food security, taking int

Today is “World Car Free Day.” Last year’s car free day in Paris found Paris breathing much more easily even in that short amount of time where cars were discouraged and other modes encouraged.

As an outcome of the G20 meeting held in China earlier this month, both China and the United States volunteered to publish peer reviews of their current fossil fuel subsidies, and the results show

Sweden has again topped Dual Citizen’s Global Green Economy Index, the fifth such analysis of how 80 countries are performing in the global green economy.