The Central Development Working Party (CWDP) approved Rs 116.607 million for the acquisition of land and the resettlement plan for the Basha Dam project in a meeting in Islamabad on Thursday.

The government has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the construction of 30,000 houses in Lahore and Faisalabad on Thursday.

The government must promote and improve urban bus services to discourage the use of cars in cities, as it will help resolve traffic problems currently faced by commuters, according to speakers at a se

The recent monsoon rains may result in instances of the dengue fever, but people should not panic because the fever does not require sophisticated treatment, said Pakistan Medical Society (PMS) Chairm

The federal government has allowed establishment of about 27 more Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations in Balochistan, which would not only ensure the citizens easy availability of CNG but also great

Lahore High Court Justice Shabbar Raza Rizvi on Wednesday, in response to a petition, imposed a ban on the use of polythene bags throughout the province.

The inaction argument makes us spend vast resources on policies that will do virtually nothing to deal with climate change, thereby diverting those resources from policies that could actually make an impact

One commonly repeated argument for doing something about climate change sounds compelling, but turns out to be almost fraudulent. It is based on comparing the cost of action with the cost of inaction, and almost every major politician in the world uses it.

Continuing power breakdowns and unscheduled load shedding resulted in a clash between locals of the Mustafabad area of Dharampura and officials of the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) on Friday. The scuffle occurred as WAPDA officials tried to leave the area without restoring the electricity, City 42 reported. The channel cited the locals as saying that the area was without any electricity for long hours every day and WAPDA officials had done nothing to resolve the problem.

Heavy rains with gusty winds and hailstrom lashed the city on Friday, raising water level at Leh Nullah up to 13 feet and caused power outages with low-lying parts of the city getting inundated.
District administration, Civil Defence Department and Rescue 1122 remained on high alert to deal with any emergency.
The Met Office recorded 26mm rain in Rawalpindi and 31mm in Islamabad while wind was blowing at a speed of 46 km/hour.
The day was overcast. Heavy shower lasted from 11am to 3pm, bringing the mercury down to 25 Celsius and almost blocking all outdoor activities.

Rawalpindi Environmental Improvement Project (REIP) has failed to launch Rs 72 million project of laying water supply lines and installing new tube wells in nine union councils of Potohar Town. Sources told Daily Times on Thursday that last year the REIP had made a plan to launch this project but due to general elections in February 2008, the project could not be started in time.