Mumbai, 18th June, 2015: Finish Services Management Company (FSMC) and Waste international signed an agreement recently to deliver and improve sustainable water and sanitation systems and services

SAVAE: Save lives, property from unfolding disaster

Senior tribal leader, Jayram Gamit, has been "mysteriously picked up” by the cops from Tapi district under the Prevention of Anti-Social Activities Act (PASA Act) ahead of a major protest the orga

FAO and its partners say that a global effort is needed to prevent the rapid spread of the deadly Fusarium wilt disease in bananas, which poses a severe threat to economic welfare and food security

Ebola has substantially impacted all sectors of employment in the Liberian economy, in both affected and non-affected counties, according to the most recent round of mobile phone surveys conducted

This agreement is fundamental to continuing the Organization's work in member States with Judges, Parliamentarians and Civil Society Organizations which are strategic partners to advancing the envi

The Ebola virus disease that has caused a medical emergency in the three-most affected countries in West Africa is also affecting the means of making a living of millions of the poorest and most vu

19 November 2014, Rome - Governments need to lead the way against hunger and malnutrition, but this effort must be collective and involve parliamentarians, civil society and the private sector, acc

2nd meeting of the organizing committee on access to land calls for civil society organizations and governmental institutions to mobilize and launch global debate on land tenure and investment agre