Before forest officers start explaining tiger deaths as suicides, a timely NTCA move comes as a big push for transparency

Documents acquired through RTI reveal that high-ranking officials in the environment ministry are working against what they should be fighting to protect,

By the time you read this, Rajasthan’s Sariska Tiger Reserve may have reached a flashpoint yet again. By 14 May, more than 4,000 police personnel were deployed in the area.

The Assam Forest Department’s impunity seems to have no limits. legal edicts are inconsequential to its working.

Blocked wildlife corridors across the Kosi river. Now a rash of private properties inside the tiger reserve itself.

The SC mining ban may have saved the Aravalis in Haryana. But it’s getting blasted to bits in Rajasthan. Revati Laul tracks the illegal business that could be worth over Rs 50,000 crore

A probe by the Karnataka Lokayukta into the supply of food to the Integrated Child Development Services has found that Department of Women and Child Development officials in connivance with the con

Several reports have pointed to rampant mining in Madhya Pradesh, but the state government is yet to wake up. Abhishek Bhalla tracks the unchecked plunder.

Big batteries are weighing down electric vehicles and it’s unlikely that subsidies can lighten that load to make them a viable non-polluting alternative

The SC deadline for notifying buffer areas around each tiger reserve is being cheered by the greens. But court orders alone cannot alter the grim ground reality. A primer