Consider the two best-known facts about India’s food economy. On the one hand, 42 percent of our little children are malnourished. On the other, our godowns are bursting with foodgrain.

Ashok Gehlot is facing his biggest crisis yet.

No animal, not even the snake, attracts more bad press than the leopard. The worst victim of poaching in India, it is also the biggest killer of people among all large carnivores.

Not many Bengaluru citizens are aware of the damage that mini hydel projects are causing to the city’s water supply.

In the neighbourhood where Kiran Lakhe lives, people haven’t seen water in their taps for close to a year now.

Prabhmol Singh loves the sun. Every day, when the 20-year-old wakes up, he hurries through the morning with an eye on the lone chair out on the balcony.

‘Protecting the environment is not compatible with our growth projections’

Monsoon in Gorakhpur seldom brings cheer. For the past 30 years, rains in the region are synonymous with children dying of encephalitis. 2012 witnessed 557 encephalitis deaths.

It was Jaipur, late 2007. A few months before the PMO cleared the plan to fly in tigers to Sariska from Ranthambhore, an IAS officer was holding forth on the subject at a private function.

Which government department addresses injustice done to tribals in the country? Tribal rights activists from Chhattisgarh have been trying to solve this conundrum for a year now.