Consider the two best-known facts about India’s food economy. On the one hand, 42 percent of our little children are malnourished. On the other, our godowns are bursting with foodgrain.

THE ‘CROP holiday’ by farmers of Andhra Pradesh, in protest against high agricultural input costs and low procurement prices, is entering its second season.

WHEN UNION Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar announced a bumper harvest last month, “the highest since 1947”, commodities markets perked up, sniffing food export opportunities.

President Barack Obama's take on Indo-US agricultural cooperation may have gladdened the hearts of US agro-companies, but has evoked apprehension in the Indian farmers.

This is how they did it


HE TOOK the call on scrapping dams across the upper reaches of the Ganga. In March, as head of the Group of Ministers on the project, he had agreed to the dam, as Rs 650 crore had already been spent and Uttarakhand

A radical shift in policy is unavoidable. Dams and pipelines have outlived their usefulness. It is now time for a water policy based on jal anushasan.

THE FLAGSHIP scheme of UPA II, the proposed National Food Security Act (NFSA), has become a policymaker

Use of high-capacity pumps for irrigation is lowering the groundwater table across the country to dangerous levels, says BHAVDEEP KANG


THE KARNATAKA government acknowledged the link between the spraying of endosulfan in South Canara district and the incidence of congenital birth defects, skin diseases and motor ailments, saying victims would be given financial aid.