On 28 MAY, as the rest of Kerala was eagerly waiting for the monsoon rains, a distraught Veera Swami performed the last rites of his four-month- old son in Pagalayur village.

This is like opening a ‘coalgate’ of another kind.

It was the morning of 15 August 2004. Television sets across the country relayed pictures of the newly appointed Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

The world produces 4 billion tonnes of food every year, enough to feed its 7 billion people. Yet, every seventh person on earth sleeps hungry.

Global food production has already appropriated almost half the land suitable for agriculture.

Land IS at a premium beyond the Assam plains in the Northeast where two-thirds of the area is made up of hills and mountains.

An innovation in dryland farming has brought in much-needed relief to Karnataka’s sagging agriculture sector.

Medak district of Andhra Pradesh is the picture of a paradox.

Prolonged excessive use of synthetic fertilisers has ruined the soil and agriculture in Medak district Years of dependency on chemical fertilisers has trapped the villagers of Hathnoor mandal of Na

Two months, assured by the Karnataka government that no new hydel project would be permitted in the Western Ghats region, the high court allowed the forest department to reevaluate two projects tha