The Emissions Trading System (EU-ETS) is Europe

This report examines the various, and often contradictory, roles played by the World Bank

Tar sands - bitumen that is extracted and upgraded to produce synthetic crude - has been heavily criticised for its poor environmental and social outcomes, locally and globally. Tar

This report evaluates whether carbon trading can deliver the necessary emissions reductions to avoid dangerous climate change quickly, strategically, and in a just and equitable way. It also looks at what alternative tools are available to governments. Friends of the Earth is calling on people to demand a strong and fair global agreement to tackle climate change.

To produce the food most farmers use chemical pesticides to control weeds, pests and diseases, and to help them meet the appearance standards imposed by supermarkets. Residues from these pesticides may still be in the food when buy it - about half of all fruit and vegetables tested by the Government contain residues.